Martial Arts Grandmaster Introduces News Blog on Martial Arts Events

Carter Hargrave is a well-known name in the field of martial arts, and now has a Martial Arts News Blog “Carter hargrave blog” that offers detailed news and information on multiple martial arts, including those offered at the private academy Hargrave Martial Arts. He was passionate of martial arts ever since he was a child and it meant to him more than a hobby. It was a full time job that took over his life. He began his career in the martial arts at the Oklahoma Karate Academy as an assistant instructor, and is now a triple Grandmaster and currently holds seven black belt rankings.

Carter Hargrave is the head instructor and president of the World Jeet Kune Do Foundation and the World Kempo Association. Besides these, he also owns Hargrave Martial Arts System, Hargrave Arts LLC, Hargrave Media and Combat Martial Arts Press. All this companies help him follow his dream of spreading the teaching of martial arts and self defense throughout the world.

Early in his career, while still in Tulsa where he was teaching Tae Kwon Do and Kuk Sool, a form of Korean Ju Jitsu, he had the opportunity to meet a student of the Bruce Lee School in California. He then realized that he wasn’t satisfied with what he had achieved so far and accepted the student’s offer to train in the new style and to become an instructor. He started training in various styles for the next couple of years. He remembers that period as being the hardest in his life, but he doesn’t regret it at all. His passion for martial arts fueled him with energy in order to accomplish everything he desired.

In the early 1992, the art of Jeet Kun Do was nothing like it as it should have been. It was promoted very badly because the instructors weren’t getting along due to political issues. Since there was no governing body to put an end to this chaos, this form of martial arts was almost entirely neglected. Carter Hargrave decided then to do something that was never attempted before. In 1992 he founded the World Jeet Kune Do Federation. This stayed away from the political problems of the time and followed the purpose in which it was created. Its main goal was to bring teachers and students together in order to spread the teachings of Bruce Lee. Carter considers these teachings as life changing and feels that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about them. No one ever attempted before him to bring Jeet Kune Do to the masses. Not only that he tried, but he also succeeded in doing so.

In the same year, 1992, he also founded a new martial art style. He named it American Combat Kempo. Many schools all over the world now recognize this and the US marines are using some of its techniques. In what concerns the style, Carter Hargrave has the title of Grandmaster. He is also Grandmaster in Kun Fu and Ju Jitsu. This new style was born because at the time Carter was training in four styles and was also experiencing others. Keeping them separately turn out to be difficult, but he managed to meet the expectations of his teachers from back them. He then noticed that people were interested in self-defense and in learning self-defense skills in order to protect themselves at work, at school and even on the street.

Their needs remained unsatisfied because no school was teaching this kind of stuff at the moment. Carter Hargrave saw the opportunity and created this new style by modifying two existing martial arts systems. He also included weapon fighting and adapted the techniques to real world situations. Besides traditional Okinawan weapons, like sai, bo, tonfa or katana, he also introduced modern firearms. He thinks that if you are not superior to you attacker, you don’t stand a chance and he considers that superiority needs to be achieved by all means whether they are fair or unfair. The original arts that stand at the base of American Combat Kempo are not recognizable anymore, after Hargrave modified them. It wasn’t simply a matter of combining styles it also involved creativity. World Kempo Association is currently promoting the principles of this new style worldwide. Hargrave is its president and head instructor. As well as his other organizations, this one is also staying away from the political area.

In order to spread his knowledge to all those interested in it, Carter Hargrave also wrote three books on martial arts. “The Original Jeet Kune Do Training”, which was an international best seller. It is the first Jeet Kune Do manual released on the market and photos for a better understanding of the information presented also accompany it. The other two books are “Japanese Kempo Karate Manual” in which the author tackles the American Combat Kempo system and “Japanese Kempo Karate Entrance to Secrets Manual”, for those interested in advanced training.

Carter Hargrave’s achievements were recognized worldwide. In 1995 he received the Instructor of the Year award. He was the youngest person to be promoted to Professor of martial arts at age 33. In 1995 he was appointed Executive Director World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Board Member. The same year he was also appointed Director United Kung Fu Federation of North America. One year later, in 1996, he received the award for Best Martial Arts School in the United States. The US Congress and the United States Senate recognized his achievements.

Carter Hargrave – Health Benefits of Martial Arts and Karate

Learning martial arts not only makes a person physically stronger but mentally sharper as well. The martial arts training involves good concentration and self control and thus improves coordination between the mind, body and soul. It has been proven by a number of researches that individuals who practice any form of martial art on a regular basis have high levels of fitness as compared to individuals who don’t. In addition to this, they also have a stronger immune system. These training programs are considered good for individuals suffering from innumerable health troubles like high cholesterol level, cardiac problems, high blood pressure, breathing difficulty, poor circulation and many others. Thus, mixed Martial Arts training provides innumerable health benefits to individuals and is becoming immensely popular worldwide. These are just few of the reasons why a growing number of organizations are offering MMA courses as per the needs of individuals.

One can consider Karate as a way of unloading stress. When you are too weak to do anything, you can do some meditation according to the principles of karate. Problems and depressions will easily fade away with all the unique and fine exercises offered in a karate course. It can also be a great way of spending free time. Karate ensures its practitioners good health. It improves the capacity of the heart to pump blood and the lungs to give air to the whole body. Karate principles will likely teach you that there is little need to do heavy exercises using those expensive machines! Instead, regular sessions of karate alone are enough to keep those fat accumulations away from your body.

However, for all these benefits to be achieved, it should be kept in mind that a good Karate school is necessary. One of the pioneers in our time of several genres of Martial Arts is Carter Hargrave. With his teaching, you not only get exposure to martial arts and karate of the highest order, but also you get to learn about the latest and the most innovative thinking in the world of martial arts. Visit his websites and learn about the Carter Hargrave way of teaching martial arts.

Martial Arts Businesshow To Sell Without Selling Out

Many martial arts instructors feel that there is a conflict between their values and doing what it takes to succeed. For many, the idea of martial arts marketing borders on prostituting their art. For others, it seems like the methods of successful marketing are contrary to their artistic sensibilities.
You were taught to be humble, but it seems that advertising is all about bragging. It doesnt have to be this way.

Is Your Marketing Intimidating or Inviting?

One of the main misunderstandings about marketing that many people have is that its all about selling. Youve seen the shameless self-promotions of the big business dojos. The full page ads in the phonebook, the coupon slips in the newspaper, the TV ads and the web sites are nothing short of disgraceful.

Look at their ads with the eye of a would-be customer. Most parents will approach a school with some timidity. Take that mindset and look at the looming, surly and hulkish image of the instructor. See the large classes in their video ads. Look at the students breaking five boards in mid air. As a parent of a 7 year old girl thats scary, isnt it?

Martial Arts Marketing Says That Youre Available

Theres an old saying in martial arts and mystical circles: When the student is ready, the master will come. While on a mystical level this is an instruction for students to open themselves up to learning, it also has a pragmatic application for teachers. You, as the master in question, have to put the word out that you are available to teach.

How many students out there are ready and waiting for a master? What if the master that appears to them in a Google search is you? Naturally, they will gravitate to you for instruction.

Martial Arts Marketing Doesnt Have to Be Gaudy

The myth is that effective martial arts marketing has to be big, flashy and intense. Not only is this idea in conflict with martial arts principles, its in conflict with marketing in general. With that in mind, theres nothing keeping you from using the resources you have available to market your school. Your flyers, brochures, web site, etc. can be as low key as you like.

Your counterpoint probably shouldnt be completely Zen, but it can definitely be morenormal. Go ahead and display some fighting skills, but dont make the soundtrack be heavy metal. Emphasize the values your students will learn. Show the benefits of your program. Any student you would want is after these lessons anyway.

Sticking to your principles in your advertising shows your integrity more than using archaic marketing strategies. In this market swamped with corporate sell outs, you would stand out simply because you dont play their game.
With the right martial arts management consultant, you can learn everything you need to know to make your school a success without compromising your values.

To learn about the first and only No Membership Membership program in the Martial Arts Business Industry Click Here. PS It’s FREE!

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Tabata Workouts For Martial Arts Fitness Training

Martial arts training requires a decenet level of fitness particularly if you are involved in competitioin fighting, whether that is in the ring or on the mat. Even if you don’t compete as you gain experience the greater the need for fitness improvements. Tabata training will send your fitness levels soaring with time-saving workouts specific to your martial art.

Tabata training involves a versatile, high intensity four minute protocol that will test you. In time, however, you will enjoy them and will be energized by these workouts!

The four minutes are broken into eight rounds with a work to rest ratio of 20s:10s. Doesn’t sound too taxing on paper but the reality is much different with only four minutes of workout you really do have to go full pelt. Only flat out is good enough. Tabata workouts can seem like longer than four minutes and leave you knackered.

If you feel okay afterwards either you are not working hard enough or you need to up the intensity. In the original study the participants were working at 170% VO2 max, which means really hard in everyday language. You need to mimic this to glean the benefits.

The fitness benefits of Tabata training will boost both aerobic and anaerobic capacity while stripping fat from your body. This is because your metabolic rate will be raised for hours afterwards.

With intensity being the key ingredient you need to give yourself every chance to pump out as many reps of whatever exercise you choose. It is essential to have someone to do the timing for you; clock watching only serves to distract from the task at hand, namely working out as hard as possible over the four minutes.

If training alone you will need to get hold of the Gymboss timer, which is the best Tabata clock out there. There are others but for price and functionality it is the winner by some distance. Of course, it can be used for all manner of timing purposes both interval style and general.

In conjunction with the Tabata protocol you can combine drills and martial art specific exercises with regular stuff like burpees and squats to design your own workout to fulfil your martial arts needs. For instance, you can make your Tabata training specific to a technique. These could involve exercises based on the various aspects of your training such as groundwork or punching or a single skill such as a particular kick. Your imagination is your only limitation but the fitness benefits are superb and the ‘time cost’ is minimal. Tabata training really is the perfect workout for martial arts fitness training!

Aikijutsu Isn’t An Simple Martial Art To Learn

Aikijutsu isn’t an straightforward martial art to learn. It takes years of dedication and sacrifice. Aikijutsu was created within the twelfth century and passed down through the Minamoto clan as a secret art. It absolutely was finally created public because of the efforts of Takeda Sogaku in the early twentieth century. Aikijutsu is the predecessor to its modern descendant, Aikido. In Aiki-jutsu, there are 2 phases of training. Aikijutsu is, while not a doubt, the foremost fascinating of the martial arts. Incredibly lovely, it is conjointly nearly magical. Aikijutsu truly refers back to the literal use of Aiki principles in-and-of themselves to win an altercation – meaning, no physical technique. It refers to something done on another level of interaction.

Aikijutsu focuses on the instant management of an attack. Like different varieties of jujutsu, it uses throwing techniques and joint manipulations to effectively management or injure an attacker. Aikijutsu techniques, when done properly, can yield the same effective results regardless of speed or strength. Most of the techniques need only a few ounces of pressure to supply spectacular results. Aikijutsu is the circular dimension of the of the data of sanjuriu. This is often said as a result of the refined nevertheless advanced motion in this art is almost entirely circular. Aikijutsu fighting techniques emphasize immediate disruption of the opponents balance, the utilization of the opponents own force against him, and refined joint locks, often beginning with the wrist. AIKIJUTSU this is an ancient vogue founded by Shinra Saburo Yoshimitsu during the kamakura period (1185 1336).

Aikijutsu is a real military discipline, tested by many generations on the battlefields, in life or death fights. The Aiki technique is obvious derived from sword techniques, so it is ensued from the Aiki principle legend. Aikijutsu was continuously a secondary method of combat to the samurai, since he relied so heavily on his sword. Though techniques are initially learned one after the other in a static position, the essence is the flexibility to maneuver from one technique to a different, quickly and as often as necessary to manage an attacker. Aikijutsu, generally additionally known as aikijujutsu, could be a form of Japanese martial arts. In fashionable times, the most effective-known style of aikijutsu is that developed by Sokaku Takeda from Daito-ryu. Aikijutsu really refers back to the literal use of Aiki principles in-and-of themselves to win an altercation – which means, no physical technique. It refers to something done on another level of interaction. Aikijutsu is where Aikido came from and focuses on self-defense. It had been a number of the roughest coaching I had ever experienced.

Aikijutsu, written with the Kanji that means loving spirit art, refers to the projection of such love that any sane person would refrain from combat due to the sensation of compassion and caring they sensed from the opposite person. It absolutely was said that such a talent may additionally stop a charging animal from attacking. Aikijutsu is a nine-hundred-year-old unarmed combat art, purely Japanese in origin and closely connected to Japanese swordsmanship. Techniques are divided into 2 major classes: projections and immobilizations.sensei.

Tom Doyle holds a 4th degree black belt in Jujutsu and a 2nd degree black belt in Yamate Ryu Aikijutsu. Tom has studied varied arts since 1974 and, in addition to Aikijutsu and Jujutsu, has studied Budokan Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan and Goju-ryu Karate, and various styles of each hard and soft Aikido. He continues the study and instruction of Yamate Ryu Aikijutsu beneath the steering of Nicholas Busan Sensei, Kancho – San Diego Budokai.

The Best Martial Art – What to Consider When Choosing One

Now if you are exploring martial arts most probably you will ask yourself this question, “what is the best martial art?” This article will share with you what to consider when choosing one.

The Purpose Of Picking-Up A Combative Art?

You may not agree with me and still harping on the question of “what is the best martial art out there?” So my advice to you is when choosing a combative art for training, you must know the ultimate reason for you to pick-up one. Is it for sport and competition? Is it for self-defense purposes? How about for health and fitness? For leisure? There are hundreds of different forms of martial arts, you must pick the one which is right for you.

Get To Know More About It

When choosing a martial art, it is advisable for you to get to know more about it before you start training. Read more about the history, philosophy and development of the combative art. You should watch some of the free video clips available out there. By doing so you will get to know what to expect during training. After getting to know more about the art, ask yourself this question, “is that the best martial art” that I really want?”

Try Out First

Sit in and observe during some of the classes or trainings. What about the training? Is the training too vigorous for you? Get the permission of the instructor to attend a few classes or trainings before committing yourself. Most of the time, you will get a few sessions of free classes or trainings. This will give you a “feel” of how is the art like.

What Are You Looking For?

If you love combative spot, street fighting, “no-hold barred” then Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) may be what you are looking for. If striking form of combative art is appealing to you, then you may want to explore Taekwondo, Karate or Muay Thai.

There are many combative arts which emphasise on grappling and restraining techniques. If this is what you are looking for then consider Japanese martial art of Jujitsu, Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Sambo.

If you are looking for combative arts with self-defence components then consider Japanese martial art of Ninjutsu, Hapkido, a form of Korean martial art and Krav Maga, which is developed by the Israel special forces.

There are combative arts which allow a weaker fighter to defense against a larger and even stronger opponent. So if you are looking for such a combative art, you may explore, Japanese martial art of Aikido, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Tai Chi from China.

What is the best martial art? There is no answer to this question. Let me be honest with you, there is no such thing as “the best martial art”. Each combative art has its own strengths and weaknesses. They are developed with different qualities and suit different people. Consider the above mentioned factors before committing yourself into one. Pick the one which you enjoy the training and would have fun when doing it. Passion is what keep you to continue with your training.

Five Steps To Choosing A Martial Arts Studio

When searching for a martial arts studio in Honolulu, the first step you should take is to decide what discipline of martial arts you are interested in learning. In Honolulu, Taekwondo, Karate, Hapkido and mixed martial arts are popular choices.

To decide on a discipline, start by researching each martial art in the encyclopedia, Google, and visit some websites dedicated to these martial arts. Watch some martial arts movies to see how each style differs. When watching movies, realize that Hollywood dramatizes everything, and is not always correct in portraying a martial art. It is also important to note that many movies focus on the violence, when the martial art should be viewed as an art form. Be realistic in how each discipline is actually used.

The second step is to visit local martial arts studios. The easiest way to find local martial arts studios is to look them up in the search engines online. For instance, you can type in martial arts Honolulu in Google and get great results. Another easy way to look up places is in the phone book. For example, look up martial arts, and you will find Taekwondo studios in Honolulu, in addition to Hapkido and MMA studios.

Once you find a studio that you are interested in the third step is to call the studio and set up a time to meet the instructor. Before going in to meet them, create a list of questions that you want answered. For example, what is your teaching philosophy? What life skills do you teach? Do you have training in teaching? How do you keep up on your martial art skills?

Another important point to keep in mind is that unlike many other industries the government does not regulate opening a martial arts studio. This unfortunately, allows the possibility of under qualified and fraudulent instructors opening schools. It usually only takes acquiring a business license to open a martial arts studio; but in contrast, setting up a day care, for example, requires licensing, background checks, and extensive paperwork. Due to this lack of regulation in the martial arts industry, it is essential to take extra precautions when choosing instructors, especially for children. Select an instructor that is a member of a recognized and respected martial arts organization, and that has proof of their rank and membership in the organization. Some examples of organizations are the World Taekwondo Federation and the National Association of Professional Martial Artists.

Fourth, go in and observe several classes. Observe how the classes are taught, and how the students behave. Are the students respectful and disciplined? How is the technique of the students? What is the teaching style of the instructor(s)?

The fifth step is to take a class. Many academies will offer a free trial class. The best way to know if you have chosen the best discipline and studio is to experience the class. Take a class at several different studios so you can compare your experiences in each. For example, if you had chosen to take a class in Taekwondo in Honolulu, be sure to also go take a class in Karate or Kung Fu. Try out several different styles, even if you already know which style you want to learn. Your multiple experiences will either solidify your choice, or open you up to new possibilities.

The above five steps will aid you in choosing a martial arts studio in Honolulu. Now you can get started with your training!

DO you want to know the truth about the importance of Warming-up before exercise

It is essential to properly warm up before any strenuous exercise, if you repeatedly ignored the importance of warming-up before your working out, without knowing the consequences of doing so.

Why warm up? Because there are several changes in the body taking place when you start a physical exercise.

Your breathing rate, blood flow, oxygen and nutrient levels delivered to cells are increased.

The rate of increase must be settled in a steady pace to prepare the body for the physical stress that the will be demanded by the exercise. If you skip the warm-up, your body will be less effective, and the workout will be less affected.

Warming up also preps up the nervous system, increases mental alertness and awareness, and loosens up the muscles and joints which will make them less prone to injury.

Warm up also begins the flow of lubricating fluid in the joints, minimizing the risk of wear and tear on the muscles.

And gives the heart a time to adjust and pump blood rich in nutrients to muscles.

It is even more essential for the elderly, because their muscle tissue is less supple, and the joints have less synovial fluid and weaker hearts, as doing a sudden strenuous exercise can result in a heart attack.

How does a person warm up properly? Any procedure that makes the heart beat faster, you can jog or take brisk walks as well as using a rowing machine or a bicycle.

Always start with a slow gentle pace and slowly increase until your heart beat increases and your body temperature rises.

It is important that you only excises within your fitness level, where at the end you are energized and not exhausted.

You should work up a light sweat, which usually takes between 3-5 minutes; you should also do some stretching exercises as stretching helps you get more flexibility from your muscles, especially with the spine, shoulder and hip region.

The type of stretching depends on the type of excises you are going to do, if you are going to do martial arts, it might be best to do some gentle sparring as well as doing the movements in slow motion.

You have to make sure that the major muscles groups have been properly stretched for a minimum of 8 seconds. Always remember to keep your feet moving or do leg exercises when you are stretching your upper body to prevent blood from building up in the legs.

You should only do stretching exercises after your muscles have warmed up fully. Also you should not bounce while you are stretching as you can tear or pull a muscle.

If you are planning on doing weight-lifting you should do this after the initial warm up. Put 50-60% of the heaviest weight on the bar that you would be using for that session and do the number of repetitions you would do for the heavy sets.

Then for the second set increase the weight by 80% and then to 90%, decreasing to 2-3 repetitions. Then rest for about 30 seconds before repeating the steps.

After warming up you can continue with the heavy lifting. By doing it this way reduces the stress while doing the heavy sets.

Once you have warmed up you can carry on with the main workout, cooling down is as important as the warm-up, because if you suddenly stop excising the blood can build-up in the muscle blocking the oxygen supply. If this happens you can have a heart attack.

Exercising is very good for keeping healthy, but remember to properly warm-up and stretch which will help you get the most out of your workout.

How To Make A Ninja Mask Using A Black T Shirt

Wearing dressy clothes for Halloween trick in a ninja fighter outfit is lots of excitement. If you are thinking to make a ninja mask for your son, he will be going to love it. A ninja mask is what will put him different from any other child on the lane. It is awesome, scary, identity-protecting, impressive and fun. What is more, this face mask will be more impressive as you are going to formulate it with your own hands.

You will need to follow just three simple steps to make a ninja mask.

1- At first, for making a ninja mask you will need a T-shirt. It is very important that you pick a black long sleeves T-shirt that has not been dull in the rinse to make your child a stealth ninja.

2- Tilt your child’s face towards the sky and lower the T-shirt onto his head. Do not drag it down.

3- Ask your child to look through the neck opening. Haul the sleeves at the back of his head and bind them in a plain knot.

4- Fiddle with the face mask till it does not feel comfortable, his eyes are observable till now so hide them with the tag.

Now, your little ninja fighter is ready in a stealthily dress of nighttime shades for any secret operation. With this face mask, he is ready to knock the city and astonish some people from the darkness. Just take care that it is not simply approved, some might really consider that he is a true ninja in this amazing free ninja face mask.

If you want to make him more smart and scary a bit go ahead to adjoin a sword, belt or any other accessory of ninja. It is the time to wish him good luck to rock the town.

Ways To Get Better At Martial Arts

Anybody who trains in martial arts knows the constant struggle to improve their game. A martial artist is always thinking about the best way to attack their opponent more powerfully, defend themselves more swiftly and remain light on their feet. But how do you actually improve these qualities? There are 5 things that a martial artist can do to improve their ability.

1. Strength train, more effectively. Becoming stronger is obviously an important part of training, however many martial artists dont know that there is a wrong and right way of pumping weights. Sure, strength can be improved by simply lifting and lowering a weight. Youll get more definition and bigger muscles, but this isnt what you really want. To strength train more effectively for martial arts, you want to build power. Power is acquired through lifting a weight fast, holding for a bit at the top, and then lowering slowly (usually lower for 4 seconds and lifting in one). Explosive power is built by exerting all your effort into lifting the weight, then strength is built from lowering it slowly. Try it and see the difference.

2. Sparring more effectively. Sparring is the opportunity to practically apply all the techniques youve learned against a real live opponent. To improve your game, try focusing on one technique or part of the body. For example, focus on punching better in one bout, then switch to the legs in the other. Spar against a wide variety of opponents from different levels, since every bout can help improve your physical and mental perceptions in the ring.

3. Eat better. This is really a no-brainer, but many martial artists neglect the impact of nutrition (and lifestyle) on their physical and mental state. Eating crap will weaken you, since your body wont be getting the nutrients it needs to function properly and build muscle.

4. Eat the right food before a match. Certain foods can give you more energy and alertness. For example, coffee can help keep energy levels up. Avoid overeating or heavy, fatty foods that will simply weigh you down and make you feel sluggish.

5. Let your body rest. Training everyday is fine, but dont go hardcore or train the same muscles on a daily basis, unless youre being closely monitored by a professional trainer. Doing so wont let your muscles or body recover from the day before, and this may cause serious damage.