Linking Martial Arts Training To Assumptions

Assumptions are something we believe which we usually accept as the truth without putting them to the test or subjecting them to harsh questioning. Playing a major part in our lives everyday, assumptions are typically accurate and correct.. However, when our testable assumptions are based on incorrect information, they can be misleading and, on occasion, fatal.

With its many forms, that martial arts are not able to be tested.. With such a noble art, martial artists don’t even want to make assumptions.. It is because of this that they are allowed to approach their discipline in the most unconventional, yet always acceptable, of ways.

Difficult to do so, testing and doubting our assumptions is hard because that is what we know.. Thanks to epistemology, or the scientific study of how we know things, we can better understand the thought process that paves the way to what we know. Because of our personal experience we usually know what we do.. However, we are not very willing to put the knowledge we have gained on the backburner. This is due to the blind faith we put in shared knowledge we have collected, almost like a master of something. On rare occasions, it is not one or the other but instead we put together both our personal knowledge and shared knowledge when the two agree or complement each other.

With martial arts training, it is crucial to question one’s beliefs and knowledge. This is because some of the assumptions we have gathered along the way have either have bias or are based on information we came across haphazardly. In short, recognizing the difference between fact versus opinion is crucial.

Unless you’re a Muhammad Ali or a Mike Tyson, most of the knowledge you have acquired about fighting is based on what you hear and are taught and not on personal experience. This makes the instructors’ experience and what they know as the only link between your knowledge and fighting. The instructor, more often than not, will pass on his approach based on assumptions of martial arts that will become the students very own style.

When it comes to adopting a style, it is important to choose tactics and strategies that best suits you.. One should also keep in mind that the assumptions he/she has about the usage of the skills acquired will not always match a hostile situation. But because of the love we have for martial arts, we seek comfort and safety in our discipline. However, despite the comforting assumptive power of this approach, it may be hazardous.

With martial arts training, it is important to remember that one’s assumptions that play a role in their skills will not always match the hostile situation in which they are in. This is crucial when it comes to martial arts training.

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Five Martial Arts Drills To Protect Your Legs

I”m on the wrong side of 65, and by using the martial arts drills here I can still climb mountains, jump around like a fool, dance all night long, and even do marathons. If you have pain in the knees, wheeze if you have to walk across the street, or even have serious disease, guaranteed, these martial arts drills will help you out.

Now, the only disclaimer I have, other than using common sense and starting out slow, is that if you have had operations thee exercises will be harder. They will still have effect, but, use common sense when attempting them. Don’t re-injure yourself.

Okay, first and foremost, the basic squat. Stand straight, squat and touch the fingers to the ground. It’s okay if you go up on the balls of your feet, but try to keep the back straight. Start easy, but work up to a hundred over the course of maybe 3 – months. This is going to be very good for your cardio.

Second martial arts drills, single leg stretch. Sit on one heel and stretch one leg to the side. Take your time and remember the golden rule of stretching…don”t bounce, relax. Bouncing can pull muscles, relaxing let’s the muscle stop resisting its range of motion.

Third, kneel walking. Step forward and kneel. Other foot, step and kneel. And so on. This is killer, but it is also gold. You will feel massive amounts of strength coming into your legs because of this martial arts exercise.

Single leg squat. Spread the legs and squat down on one heel, raise up, and squat on the other heel, and so on. Start slow, but work up to 100 (50 per side) single leg squats.

Last, double leg stretch. Sit, extend your legs to the sides, and touch one toe, then the other, and so on.

Now, I say martial arts drills, because I started doing them in Karate class some forty years ago.

And, I watch people who didn’t go to karate class, and who are now using oxygen tanks, hobbling across the street in walkers, who can’t pick up a pen should it fall on the floor.

So, call them martial arts drills, or runners exercise, or whatever you want..BUT DO THEM!

Your body will thank you when you get older (or when you recover your youth if you are already older). Let me tell you, it is so nice to just hop up and head out the door, to have physical mobility…and it is hell to lose it!

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Download CZ12 movie full in HDDVDDiVxIPOD quality

Download or Watch online CZ12 movie Martial arts action star Jackie Chan’s new movie “CZ12″ aka “Armour of Gods III: Chinese Zodiac” will get a limited release into European and North American cinemas in the spring or summer of 2013 according to THR.

Chan stars as a spy searching for twelve bronze statues that European forces stole from Beijing’s Old Summer Palace during the mid-1800s.The martial arts legend wrote, directed, produced and starred in the movie, which is another installment in the ” Armour of Gods” series. He has said this will be his final hard-core action role.

The movie’s online CZ12 director of distribution Ramy Choi recently told The Hollywood Reporter that it would open on “a few hundred screens” in either the spring or summer of next year.

“CZ12″ has topped box-office lists in several Asian countries.

The movie, which also stars Oliver Platt and Liao Fan, has already opened in China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Additional cast includes Kwone Sang Woo, Laura Weissbecker, Yao Xing Tong, Zhang Lan Xin, and Steve Yoo Seung Jun.

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Get A Taser Kit And Be Safe

Protecting yourself is just not simple thing in which you can just ignore if you feel like you don’t want to it but since you can’t trust anyone to look after your safety, learn how to protect yourself if not through martial arts or getting a private security guard, might be due to the use of your personal taser kit for safety. There are a lot of reasons why you need to keep yourself protected and since you need still to take good care of your little ones, how will you do it if you are not looking after your own safety. A taser kit is a safety device kit in which you can use to protect yourself against the harmful enemies around and if you think that you are not buying it for worth, you are wrong because it will surely make you realize how important it is when you are already making use of it.

Getting the right taser kit is not hard or easy either, but if you know the factors you need to consider when buying and if you know how to compare your picks, you will; surely not take time searching and instead of spending a lot of time asking, why won’t you take the time to sit down and browse for necessary information about this safety device? There are a lot of taser kit models you can find in some websites and you can click those so you can have the catch on the said devices whenever you are still in doubt if they are handy or not.

If you know that you are safe, for sure you can feel that you are really free, free to do what you want and free to socialize even to those you don’t really know. Aside from the taser device, you can also make use of the stun gun, pepper spray, personal alarm, and many more. This stuff works best for your safety and not your safety alone, might be the safety of a person or persons you might come across.

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About MMA Authentics

One of the most popular sports in today’s modern trends is MMA or mixed martial arts. Although similar to boxing, this sports became popular because of its fast and brutal bouts between men and their skills in martial arts.

Its called mixed martial arts because contestants can use all kinds of martial arts from jujitsu and wrestling, to muay thai and karate. Anyone from any background can also join the fight. The reason why the sport became so popular among many sport goers is because of its full contact combat in which each contender would battle out until the other one submits, taps out, or gets knocked out.

However, other than the martial arts that these contenders use, this sports is also known for its clothing. The need for flexibility in the legs combined with durability prompted the creation of various fighting shorts brands, which then spawned a range of mixed martial arts clothing and casual wear available to the public. And one of the most popular brands of MMA inspired clothing lines today are MMA Authentics. Start your own wholesale mma clothing business with

About MMA Authentics MMA Authentics is one of the few leading manufacturer and distributor of combat attire used in different MMAs such as UFC. However, other than just providing clothing for MMA contenders, MMA Authentics is also a popular brand of urban clothing line which offers some of the best MMA combat wears to the public such as their collection of body-fit shirts as well as shorts.

Today, MMA Authentics have become the premier authentic athletic Mixed Martial Arts apparel companies in the business which have also introduced a number of expansions, such as the introduction of Cage Fighter in the market. Start your own wholesale mma clothing business with Distributed by MMA Authentics, Cage Fighter is also known for its collection of MMA merchandise such as shirts and shorts. Other expansions include sweatshirts, hoodies, and caps. Other than Cage Fighter, there is also the MMA Elite, Familia Gladiatoria, and Savage Fightwear.

MMA Authentics of today Other than men’s clothing, MMA Authentics and its brands have also expanded to provide women’s clothing line, particularly now that women’s MMA have also started to become a hit. Most of its collection also includes tight-fit shirts.

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Tameshiwari Board Breaking Techniques – The History Of Broad Breaking

Board Breaking Techniques are commonly used in Martial Arts Competitions as well as in Karate demonstrations and testing. This is usually done with their hands or their feet.
However they have also been known to do this using their finger tips, toes or head. Wood is the most common object they try to break, although some competitions will use Cinder Blocks or Bricks. Not all Martial Arts styles teach you to break boards.

If you want to learn Board Breaking Techniques you’ll want to study either Tae Kwon Do, Karate or Pencak Silat. Pencak Silat is the Martial Arts Style studied in Indonesia. Contrary to popular believe, the old Japanese Martial Arts Schools do not place much emphasis on breaking boards. In Japan the term Tameshiwari refers to the Self Defense Discipline of breaking various objects. Tameshigiri is a similar discipline which means
means test cutting and deals with Swords.

In Martial Arts Competitions, you will be judged by certain factors which include.

1.) Your Style and Finesse

2.) How many items such as bricks you can break in a certain period of time

3.) How many items you can break in one strike

The Guinness Book of World Records keeps a record of several certified breaking categories. These competitions are usually performed in front of a motivated audience. In many cases, top students or Sensei’s, which usually are the head of a Martial Arts Dojo, will attend a competition so they can perform an impressive Board Breaking Technique. They do this in a lot of cases to get extra publicity and to increase membership to their dojo.

As a general rule people are impressed by this, and if they see a local Karate Instructor in their area break 4 bricks at a Broad Breaking Competition, this will motivate them to enroll as a student. Also a lot of various Martial Arts Styles these days are requiring students to execute certain breaks to achieve a certain Belt Rank, such as a Green Belt, Brown Belt or Black Belt. The harder the break, the better rank they will qualify for. If they can’t make a certain break they will essentially fail the test.

Recently the Accelerometer has been used for measuring the force of strikes. Before boards of certain length and width dimensions were the only way to do this. The standard adult testing board is typically 10″x12″x1″. 4 and 5 year olds have been known to break boards at 4″x12″x1/2″. Masutatsu Oyama was famous at breaking boards. His claim to fame was breaking the horns off a bull.

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The Role of Plyometrics in mixed Martial Arts

Youve seen them fighting in the ring. Those fighters are solid musclemaybe twice your weightbut they can still jump higher and move faster than you can, somehow. That footwork and endurance is not an accident; its a result of a type of exercise called plyometrics. The thing about a sport like MMA (mixed martial arts) is that there is no aspect that can really be ignored if you want to be the best. You can be better at one aspect than another, but if you really want to be better than all the rest, you have to at least have a solid foundation in every possible skill, technique, and factor in the performance of an MMA fighter.

Plyometrics in MMA starts where power, strength, and endurance end. Once youre strong and can last a long time without getting too tired, your work isnt done. You need speed, and you need to be able to pull punch after punch in rapid succession. Youll also need a lightning-fast reaction time that can help you dodge oncoming blows and strike whenever your opponent has revealed a weakness. If you can move quickly, both in terms of footwork and in terms of the speed of your blows, and you can also react quickly, youll be miles ahead of the other MMA fighters.

Modern MMA fighters are now getting trained in plyometrics so that they can improve their reaction time and speed. You might not have realized that you can actually train yourself to have a faster reaction time, but thats exactly what plyometrics is. Not only will you get super fast reactions, but you will also learn how to channel your strength in one blow at a rapid speed. This means that you can have punches that are both strong and fast. There is nothing better than being able to knockout your opponent quickly due to a sudden, sharp blow to the head.

If power and strength are the payload, then plyometrics is the targeting and delivery system. No matter how strong and powerful you are, you can see that the job wont get done if you arent fast enough to dodge your opponents blows. The job wont get done if you cant spot an opponents weakness and take advantage of it in a split second. And best of all, you dont have to be the strongest or have the most endurance if youve mastered speed. Your goal is to strike where it hurts as quickly as possible. If you get good at that, then strength and endurance can be secondary (still important, but not as critical as if you didnt master plyometrics in MMA).

The way plyometrics works is by learning how to contract muscles more quickly. It also develops the functioning of your nervous system. This might sound intimidating, but a proper MMA trainer can give you the right guidance to master plyometrics in MMA, along with all those techniques and physical goals that you should be striving for too.

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The Key To Victory On The Street hit First – Hit Hard – Hit Often

I have studied more than a few tremendous punchers in my career, and being a no hype kind of guy, I must admit that the vast majority of them have been old school boxers, and bare knuckle boxers.

This is because I am a firm believer in the ‘straight punch,’ and quite frankly I find that todays athletic version of the hero’s of the past are quite lacking when it comes to the mechanics of a pure and truly powerful straight punch, or should I say straight lead.

In fact I believe in it’s power, efficiency and effectiveness so much that I have over time made it the center piece of my B.K.E. fighting system.

You see I believe that martial arts are about fighting and protecting oneself from those who would inflict their physical or psychological wishes, or way of life on you.

This means that the art in ‘martial arts’ does not stand for movies or flash, cash and celebrity status.

The art in ‘martial art’ stands for fighting, for combat; at least where I and the B.K.E. fighting system are concerned.

And as far as I am concerned there is absolutely no technique that covers so many of the intangibles of fighting like the straight lead. It’s applications are indeed almost limitless.

In battle there is no time for fancy or complicated movements. The technique we use must be efficient and effective.

There is no time for wasted motion and a correctly applied and properly thrown ‘straight lead’ is both efficient, as well as strategically sound.

First off the majority of street wise guys and thugs attack with wild swings, and slaps. Some even use semi-properly executed hooks. In short they are all bear/cats.

Primal little animals who are mostly incapable of executing well thought out attacks. They are untrained, they are bullies, and they are thugs.

Even if they are trained the vast majority of them will do nothing more than use the straight “jab” as a set-up for what they home to be a knock-out punch ( a hook).

“There it is” so how do you deal with this type of undisciplined and primal behavior?

You must let your opponent know from the out-set that your lead hand is a dangerous. Make sure they understand that it is a threat. Pop him a few times right off the bat, and make him respect it. Once you understand that he does not have an answer for it, that he has no other recourse but to stop the attack, rush you or continue doing as he is – you own him.

The rest is a piece of cake.

You can make him flinch, react to what ever you wish. You can guide him, sucker him or knock him out anytime you wish.

That is as long you are throwing the straight lead correctly and applying the proper principles of power production to the technique. This is an absolute must because a properly thrown straight lead is NOT A JAB.

A jab is of precious little use as an offensive weapon, and even more useless as a defensive one. A properly executed ‘straight lead’ on the other hand is a great defensive weapon, “stop hit,” that also has uses as a simple direct as well as progressive direct attacks.

In the heat of battle, there is no time to think. The more steps needed for an attack, the more time is wasted in thought and the more danger you put yourself in. The flashier the technique, the more time and energy is used in wasted motion.

My studies, as well as my 30 years of experience has taught me one thing and to illustrate it I will quote another strong advocate of the straight lead, Bruce Lee. Bruce said,” There is no effective trick to stop a properly timed simple attack, and always remember the best technique is offense or defense is the simple one properly performed.

So if your really interested in learning a power, effective and energy efficient method of protecting yourself and ending a fight early, learn the following movements:

* The Dempsey Drop or Fall Step
* The Shoulder Whirl
* The Upward Surge
* The Leg Spring
* The Push-Off

And learn correctly from a reliable source not from all the self-professed coaches on You Tube. You need to learn them from someone who has spent their entire life studying, and applying the principles of power that come with these movements.

Study Jim Driscoll, Edward Haslett, the fencing coach Aldo Nadi, Jack Dempsey and of course Bruce Lee himself, and while I do not put myself in such esteemed company as the greats above you can go to our website and study the B.K.E. Fighting system.

Until next time remember – ” Hit First – Hit Hard – Hit Often”

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Find the best martial arts school and teacher

Even if it appears so easily done in the shooting games, you pull the trigger and the bad person is death in a moment, when it comes to self-defence in actual life, it’s little bit more complex. Caring a gun is not so typical thing, and even if someone has it, it doesn’t allude that the streets are place where people are shooting them selves. No one knows how is going to answer back in a time of possible attack but there are few things that should be done, to become better your protection from harm. The martial arts are absolutely one of the best things you can do to protect yourself, letting aside all the healthy gains of working out. We let you to conclude which combat technique are you going to attempt, but picking a good school for that is the second most considerable thing.

Let’s go ahead with the location of the place where you train. It’s exceptional to find school that is placed not far from your house. Differently it could happen that you are too asleep to travel so long and in such a way will decide to drop your discipline. You could ask your friends or see in yellow pages.

It’s very crucial to be pleased at training. The ambience in classes and the people around you, the coaches and the workmates, play important role in training progression. If the ambience that surrounds you is alien, try to look for another school.

Don’t rely on the coaches that are promising you astonishingly fast results and easy programs. They do this to captivate new members. If they claim that you need less than three years for a black belt, go somewhere else. Plenty grades and diplomas won’t attest your teacher’s mastership. Important things to know are: Who was his capital martial arts teacher and how long did he study with him; how long has he practiced this art and does he have any knowledge as a teacher, or he is plainly a skilled martial artist. If someone is excellent martial artist, it doesn’t mean that he is certainly excellent teacher.

Don’t rely on the convictions that the technique of some martial arts school is the deadliest or the greatest – some techniques are better for particular situations than others but no technique is the best. The most expert masters mostly don’t have anything to prove. Your teacher-s skills are important but if he can’t reach the students, he can’t help them and can’t teach them. Great coaches only care about the student’s achievement, without trying to astonish them with their own ability. And don’t let to be deceived with -gurus- that justify that they made their own exceptional technique. Most of them have made “new” techniques because they are not able to learn current ones. There are new and a hybrid form but there is a difference between a combo of techniques and new undetected techniques.

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Ninja Blowgun Training – Ninjitsu 101

As you will see, using your Ninja Blowgun it is a little more complicated than just pointing at a target and blowing. You need to be able to gauge the distance, your target, surroundings, and more.

Mostly blowguns are used for target practice, small game hunting, and Ninja training. They are commonly made at home or they can also be bought from a Martial Art Supply store. Blowguns come in a variety to choose from based on their different widths and lengths.

Moving to our topic, how to train with your ninja blowgun? There are three main aspects on which you have to put your complete concentration on. They are cover, invisibility, and how to fire the blowgun.

Talking about those three, let us start with cover. If you are using your blowgun for Ninja training, it is necessary to always use the blowgun from a hiding position. Hence, you must train yourself to find suitable hiding positions at different places quickly and appropriately for the best results. The most common place is hiding behind a bush.

The second thing in line is invisibility. If you have taken proper cover, you should be nearly invisible to others. When you fire your blow gun at your target, stay put. Don’t get up immediate to run towards or away from your target. Take advantage of your hidden position to make sure no other “threats” are near by.

Firing of the ninja blowgun. You can train yourself for this through either target practice or small game hunting. The first thing to do is obtaining a target. In target practice it can be anything from a painted ring to a small tin, whichever suits you, while in hunting it’s a small animal. After that, take a distance of 6-8 meters from the target and then insert a dart in your ninja blowgun.

Now it comes to holding the gun, you can either wrap both of your hands over the shaft, or you can wrap one of them while hold the bottom with the other. Furthermore, keep the elbows close, resting on the chest, while place your foot one in front of other or both parallel.

Now the final thing for you to do is take a deep breath, place your mouth over the mouthpiece, and blow to fire the dart. (Be careful not to take a deep breath while your lips are sealed around the tip. You don’t want the dart to be sucked into your throat.)

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