The Dallas Built-in Martial Arts

Choosing the right martial arts school is virtually the same as selecting a daily faculty for your self or on your children. A standard false impression is that an expensive faculty means that it’s the right one for you or your youngsters’s needs. Due to this, many individuals discover themselves grumbling about their decision when too much money and time has been spent with unsatisfactory results. So, what do that you must know earlier than you enroll yourself or your child in a martial arts faculty? Listed here are a couple of ideas that it is best to take into consideration in serving to you make that huge step in deciding which faculty is greatest for you and your needs.

First, that you must discover out what you are looking for. What kind of training would you like? Determine the type of courses that you want and whether or not it is one thing that would fit you bodily, mentally, and emotionally. So, beforehand, you need to first determine which martial artwork you’d be most snug doing. In fact, you additionally need to gauge if it is possible for you to to do the particular movements that this particular fashion would require of you.ou.

Second, after getting settled on the actual model that you simply wish to study, analysis which martial arts faculties can give you the proper of training. Except for that, you’d additionally want to consider your funds, your class schedue and the placement of the school.

Since you are going to be paying for their providers, it is advisable know whether or not you would be getting your money’s worth. It might even be finest in case you can observe the instructor in action to verify whether he is aware of what she or he is doing or not. On this means, you may as well see for yourself if the amenities are conducive for the sort of martial arts coaching that you simply seek.

Fourth, it might be higher if you’ll find a martial arts faculty that is really useful by someone that you know and trust. It always helps if a pal or someone that you recognize from the workplace can also be enrolled within the school. If that’s the case, they might have firsthand expertise of the quality of instruction that is offered. Ask her or him whether they are happy and if they suppose you must join a category or not. In case you hear destructive feedback, weigh it in opposition to any optimistic feedback earlier than you finally make a decision.

There are other elements that you would want to think about before you ultimately make your choice. Just bear in mind what your objectives are for desirous to study martial arts. In realizing what you want, deciding on the correct martial arts faculty might be simpler and fewer complicated for you. When you make your alternative, the necessary factor is that you’ve the determination to be taught and to have fun doing it.So Dallas Integrated Martial Arts offer all the training and above requirements which you can choose on differnt styles and even equipments.

class schedue and Dallas Integrated Martial Arts for your needs.

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Common Self Defence Myths

The Internet is full of tips which if you examine closely are just merely “common sense” tips without real analysis or insights. Some of these tips that you see online are not even true. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of self defence myths online. Unfortunately, a lot of people have fallen victim to one or more of them. So in the hopes of exposing these misleading information, let me share to you some of the most common self defence myths.

1. You can become a self defence guru in just a few days with this downloadable self defence course. You have probably seen several ads and ebooks about self defence on the Internet which promises to reveal secrets on how to become a master defender. These are not true and more often than not these are just a bunch of scams trying to pull money from your pockets. If you really want to learn more about self defence, you would need to have a more practical physical approach. Purely relying on ebooks and textual information just won’t cut it.

2. Most martial arts are not effective in the street. Many people are saying that martial arts are kind of useless these days because they are outdated and irrelevant on modern situations. For the record, all martial arts have evolved due to the need for protection and they are all effective if they are practiced well. Some people might have said so because some martial arts are taught in a way that emphasizes on history or ritual over defensive applications. Nevertheless, martial arts should not be regarded as ineffective.

3. Learning basic self defence moves is just a waste of time and money. Just get a gun. People who thinks this way probably do not know anything either about martial arts or self defense, or both. Yes, guns provide some advantages but they also have some drawbacks. Guns are dangerous weapons and shouldn’t be handled just by anyone. If you are going to use some sort of a defence weapon then you should be properly trained and ready to use it when the situation calls for it.

4. Self defence is ineffective if the attacker has a gun or a knife. Good self defence isn’t just a cool series of physical movements. It is a combination of physical awareness, threat assessment and physical fighting skills. It is not impossible to escape an armed attacker if you know all these things.

If you want to learn more about self defence, Heart Start Fitness offers personal Muay Thai training and basic womens self defence for all ages. Build your self confidence, learn new skills and have fun while getting fit at Heart Start Fitness.

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Get Your Martial Arts Phd From An International Martial Arts College

Have you dedicated your life to learning and teaching others martial arts secrets and personal development lessons?

Not just the physical aspect but also the mental and psychological aspects of honor, dedication, perseverance, focus, self-control, respect, etc.

You have probably spent a lifetime on your personal development. You have overcome insurmountable hurdles on your quest to become the best Martial Artist you can be.

You have passed the test of time. You are a shining example to your students, their families and your community.

Because of your dedication to teaching others that you deserve to receive the highest recognition within the martial arts, a Doctorate of Philosophy in Martial Arts.

The Martial Arts PhD is NOT an ego based award, but a public recognition of your hard work, perseverance and diligence to have a positive impact on others.

You will receive the International Martial Arts PhD degree, based on your previous education, Martial Arts training, teachings and life experience.

If you are a 4th Dan and/or have 20+ years studying the Martial Arts, then you may qualify.

This is the only AUTHENTIC Martial Arts degree from an internationally recognized and approved University.

This University is the ONLY licensed, international Martial Arts College to award these Martial Arts PhD degrees.

You now have the opportunity to …

Be recognized as a TRUE Martial Arts Leader. This degree is the summation for all of your training, teaching and education.

Get instant respect from your students & their parents
– No additional classes or testing required
– Award is based on your training, rank and experience

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Woman Steals Nearly 1,000 Designer Bags, Sells Them on eBay

Considering how many luxury boutiques have reputations for staffs that seem to purposefully ignore customers who don’t fit a very narrow profile, it’s perhaps surprising that more people don’t simply pick up bags and trot right out the door with them. After all, if a salesperson is busy pretending you don’t exist, it must be hard for him or her to make sure you don’t get a case of the sticky fingers. Apparently a woman in England has been using that behavior to her advantage to the tune of 904 handbags for the price of free ninety-nine.

The woman, Jayne Rand, got caught on handbag 905,
Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, according to the BBC. There’s no word on what that fateful bag was,
Red Valentino Shoes, but during her years-long spree, Rand swiped bags from brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Prada and Mulberry, mostly from high-end department stores. She traveled around the country to vary her targets and help avoid detection on repeated visits, and her technique was simple: walk in without a bag, put one on her shoulder, walk around browsing with it for a while and then leave with it.

Rand wasn’t snatching bags to fill out her own collection,
Valentino Shoes for Women, though. Instead, she sold the bags on eBay,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, some to repeat customers for whom she’d boost particular bags on request. She made over $140,000 on the bags via the auction site, with the court-determined value of the bags being over double that. The actual retail prices would have been much higher.

A British court has sentenced Rand to a year and a half in jail for her one-woman theft ring, which seems a tad short compared to what she might get for a similar spree in America. What’s more interesting, though, is that with how many authentic designer bags she sold, it’s likely that one of our readers or PurseForum members may have bid on one of her auctions or bought a bag from her. So, does that name ring a bell, eBayers?

Amanda Mull ON

10.21.13 IN

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PurseForum partners with Rebecca Minkoff for an unprecedented handbag collaboration

Our community PurseForum is teaming up with Rebecca Minkoff in a project the likes of which handbag lovers have never seen before. Starting tomorrow, Monday the 10th of October, will launch a three-week collaboration that will not only have fans vote on design elements to create an exclusive Rebecca Minkoff bag,
Valentino Rockstud Shoes, but also allow the fans to be an integral part of the design process. This means the finished product will be a new shape and style from the Rebecca Minkoff team that was designed by way of direct user commentary from members.

The entire three-week process will be hosted on, so make sure you are a registered member of tPF so you can partake in the voting and design of this bag,
Valentino Handbags for Women, which will walk down the runway in February at New York Fashion Week! You can’t tell by this post, but I am seriously jumping out of my seat with excitement over such an amazing project!!

Read all about it on tPF HERE!

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino.9.11 IN

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Gucci Dog Pendant

Finishing off the day of man and woman’s best friend, is a pup accessory by high end designer Gucci. Gucci may be known for their designer bags, elegant gowns, and comfy shoes, but their pet department is growing. After visiting their boutique in NYC over the weekend, I realized they really do love pet accessories (many are so pointless- like a pet sun visor!). But different strokes for different folks. If you love it and you can afford it, why not. While pricey for a drooling animal that sniffs other’s rears, the Gucci Dog Pendants are chic and shiny. On the left we have my favorite, the Gucci Heart and Dog Bone Pendant. This pendant is a heart shape made of nickel-plated brass and has a red (enamel) bone going through the middle. Buy it through Gucci for $90. And on the right we have the pendant that makes me laugh at the ridiculous engraving. The Gucci Square G Dog Pendant is made of sterling silver and has Gucci dog inscribed. Umm… that is soooo not me or my family or my dog or my great-great-grandchildren’s dog. If someone lost their dog and it was wearing that tag and I found it,
salvatore ferragamo sale, I would have to laugh for an insane amount of time. But maybe you dig it. If so it is available for a Gucci price for your indulged Gucci dog through Gucci for $185.

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s Belts.06 IN

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Behold: The Fendi Karl Lagerfeld Bag Bug

You can say a lot of things about Fendi creative director Karl Lagerfeld, but you can’t claim the man doesn’t have a sense of humor about himself. Fendi, a brand that knows as well as any other when it has a hit on its hand and how to maximize its success, opened its Fall 2014 runway show (full coverage of the show’s handbags is coming your way at noon) with one of the brand’s popular Bag Bugs in the visage of Lagerfeld himself, held aloft daintily by Cara Delevingne so that one and all could snap clear pictures of it for Instagram and beyond. Well played.

Lagerfeld intuitively understands better than almost anyone else in fashion how powerful moments like this little Bag Bug can be photos of this furry,
Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Sale, miniaturized version of himself immediately flooded social media after the show, and East Coasters woke up to find Lil Karl staring back at them from their phones. Not only that, but Fendi had the biggest model in the world carry it; the brand signed Delevingne to a Milan exclusive, so her appearance along with this Bag Bug was the only one she’ll be making on the Italian runways. It was, clearly, the only such handbag accessory presented in this way. Based on our sources, Lil Karl saw his shadow, so we’re predicting six more months of brisk Bag Bug pre-sales.

If you want to get your hands on one of Fendi’s original furry bag charms,
ferragamo belt, check out our guide to pre-ordering them.

[Image via Vogue,

Amanda Mull ON

2.21.14 IN

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Giuseppe Zanotti Multi Studded Clutch

It has been quite some time since I’ve given serious thought to a loud and attention grabbing clutch. Usually,
salvatore ferragamo perfume, I go for a sleek design or one with maybe an aspect or two that grabs my attention. However, like many of you, there are times when I step outside my handbag comfort zone and at least entertain the idea of something I wouldn’t typically carry. This happens to be just that kind of clutch.

First of all, the Giuseppe Zanotti Multi Studded Clutch isn’t even out yet and I am already thinking about how I can make it mine. I am in love with the different shapes, textures and sizes of the studs along the front of the clutch. While it might seem a bit over the top, everything comes together rather wonderfully. This clutch is bold,
ferragamo sale, eye catching and extremely unique. I would pair this with one of my favorite black dresses just as I’d pair it with skinny jeans, a form fitting top and sky high pumps. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $1696.50.

Shannon Mahoney ON

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The Best Martial Art

Now I am not going to write about the sports derived from martial arts because the question in this article is What is the best martial art

In my opinion the best martial art is the one that gives you most options of survival in a true case of life and dead struggle with a professional opponent.

This means that the martial art must be prepared and give the practitioner the possibility and means to deal with both armed as well as unarmed opponents, single or multiple attacks and so on.

This is not only done by techniques because techniques and the human capacity to perform them in the short period of time (seconds) of a true case and in constantly changing environments, situations and against different opponents makes it virtually impossible to use only techniques overcome all kinds of attacks.

This is where the martial methods in Japan became an art. Being aware of the limitations of training (limited time and physical capacity) the Japanese bushi started to study the underlying principles of war. They found out that all human beings have similar reactions when they are to be found in similar situations.

Let me give you an example to make this clear: When someone touches a hot stove his hand automatically recoils without even having to think about pulling your hand back. Or when your head is pulled down, your body automatically will follow and to prevent falling to the floor you will resist pulling to the opposite side of the force pulling you down.

Knowing and understanding these concepts gave the boshi in ancient Japan an enormous advantage over his adversaries. It increased by no small amount his capacity to deal with life threatening situations.

Today this is still useful and I think it will always because humans today are the same as the ones of 600 years ago. We still share the same fears and instinctive reflexes and the principles of war have not changed, only the means by which we engage in war.

So if you want to practice the best martial art first of all you must be prepared to do a lot of hard physical training (did you ever see a warrior with an overweight of 50 pounds ?) to prepare your body, next explore your fears and instinctive reactions and adapt or change them to fit your needs as a warrior so you will be able to use them in true combat and finally learn to understand your opponent and use his fears and instinctive reactions against him.

This will give you the best martial art.

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Martial Arts and Football

There are a variety of sports in the world and the two that I find the most passion in are mixed martial arts and football. Despite that fact that the two seem to be very opposite of one another there are several similarities and differences between them.

Over the years, the media has displayed controversial opinions towards martial arts and portrays it as being a barbaric sport for promoting violence. Standing on the sidelines and viewing martial arts at a UFC or TV standpoint, giving the benefit of the doubt, this is where most people judge the martial arts sport in comparison to football or any other. In reality, the two sports have an extreme amount of benefits and can also work hand in hand and produce positive outcomes for each team member.

There is an “art” mentality in the mixed martial arts world. That art correlates to football as well as any other sport out there in such a way. The ability to train under an extreme amount of discipline, perseverance, mental focus as well as maintaining physical endurance pertains to both sports.

Through jiu jitsu, team-mates learn valuable attributes such as respect, humility, and they also experience vast training under an extreme amount of fatigue, this strengthens the mind in its ability to focus in the most highest demands or extreme amount of pressure. In turn displays positive outcomes for both sports at hand.This ability holds advantages primarily for those who are less physically engaged or who seem small or weak at stature, jiu jitsu helps to build that strong mental acquisition which in turn gives them the ability to overcome their opponents allowing an advantage in the game of football.

Parents who search for outlets to help their children build up their confidence can find this in football as well as in jiu jitsu training. Most importantly, with an increase of the bullying epidemic, these sports enhance self-defense methods as well as increase their confidence levels.

The similarities between the two will definitely be an eye opener to those who have their disbelieves on martial arts. As a matter of fact, there are some instances as to where Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be used to help enhance training in football. The reason being is that when the two are combined they carry beneficial outcomes by applying the same key essential skills.

In football, skills such as falling to the ground safely, better known as “break falling” is a great method used to apply in both sports. Blocking and avoiding strikes, are techniques primarily used in MMA and can be used in football as well. Learning how to evade or block your opponents hand, perhaps even manipulate your opponent will help you as the player when faced in certain situations.

Despite the controversial matters, these two sports provide both high endurance cardiovascular training, indestructible mental focus acquisition,and also builds confidence in kids and teens who think they may or may not have the ability to produce positive results due their image as being small or weak. Martial arts trains the mind to be stronger then your opponent in any aspect, regardless of what size or shape you’re in.

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