The Benefits Of Personal Training In Martial Arts

When you give an explanation for to any person that you just running with an individual trainer, the picture they get is of you understanding one-on-one with a standard health instructor who makes a specialty of weight lifting and aerobic. With the higher popularity of the martial arts, alternatively, more and more instructors are providing the personal training choice.

You may also choice considers personal training with a Martial Arts Instructor Canberra for a number of reasons:

* Individualized consideration – this is why many of us like running one-on-one. For that hour, the instructor is focused on you and no person else!

* Accelerating development – permit’s say you’ve been training for at the same time as an option get ready for a belt test, enhance a form otherwise you’re kicking tactics. Spending a couple of hours with a personal instructor would possibly give you the boost you need.

* Making ready in your black belt take a look at – Black belt checks can also be grueling. In addition to regular, devoted training, the black belt check calls for a substantial amount of education. A private teacher permits you to improve the endurance and ability you want to prevail on that day.

* Re-charging – private coaching is a certain fire way to fight the boredom that incessantly sets into a day-to-day workout routine. Private trainers allow you to set new goals for the following segment of your martial arts career. Learning a brand new talent like including a few boxing ways or a guns shape to your repertoire is a good way to refresh your workouts!

* Now not keen on group magnificences? Students are available various shapes, sizes, and bodily abilities. For a few, the crowd magnificence environment could also be discouraging as a result of the pressure to stay alongside of others. Some students may additionally feel self-conscious about their weight or the truth that they may have got out of shape. Personal training is a great way to begin off, get into shape and acquire confidence.

* Match or struggle coaching – For aggressive martial artists, boxers, kick boxers, or combined martial artists a private teacher can assist get you ready to step into the ring or cage! A plan of action is needed ahead of the real adventure, as well as loads of motivation and encouragement.

* Complete, full body fitness – In a personal coaching session Martial Arts Instructor trainer can focal point on distinctive fitness regimens and get you into the most productive form of your life. Whether you prefer to be stunned and let your instructor stay you guessing or you could have a specific workforce of workouts you like, a health-oriented exercise throughout the martial arts could also be a greater and extra various exercise then you can get on the health club! Strength, cardio, flexibility, higher, coordination, frame harmony, trust, and neatly-being look forward to you thru a martial arts workout!

Whether or not it’s frequently scheduled classes, periodic music-usa or soar-starts make one-on-one personal training a part of your martial arts enjoy. You’ll be amazed with the results!

Alyssa is the author of his personal martial arts and health device, which revolves around one-on-one personal training.

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Martial Extreme Sports Are You Informed

Do you even know the diffference between kung fu and karate?


Its dangerous out there and especially for you..

The enemy may be next door and you dont know it but you got to have the guts too look. What can you really do once you see some violence or get scared or worse because you receive a bashing or king hit – do you hide in your room?

Were are you on the scared meter of life? Are you out there amongst it or a bit of a shy body or house mummys boy?

You know that given a situation to be a hero and stop a crime, terrorism or violence you’ll be able to step up or chase after them etc – or maybe you’ll cower or be the victim.

TV today scares the shiit out of many people as it promotes violence and turns the meek yellow and nervous.

The danger today is maybe not too obvious to you but you better hone your sensors or youll get hit without seeing it coming.


Have you ever seen raw assault or someone getting ‘owned’? Just search google for “martial street fights” – “martial owned” Watch those movies and cringe!!!

Kung Fu, Boxing, dancing, balley, incompetance? What will you present to your attacker?

Today we are lazy, probably fat too.. Go look in the mirror and skip for ten minutes, then check your image again and what do you see?

Can you throw a punch or even stand steady on one leg? can you do a round-house or even give a kick to the knee? Ever heard of a combination?

I can judge I am probably half the strength and endurance form 10 years ago, how about you?


a martial art is defined as – 1 : of, relating to, or suited for war or a warrior 2 : relating to an army or to military life 3 : experienced in or inclined to war : WARLIKE

a martial art is defined as: various forms of self-defense, usually weaponless, based on techniques developed in ancient China, India, and Tibet.

Do you even know the diffference between kung fu and karate? Do you think wing chun is a chinese dish?

The different styles can even be related to shapes or geometry – squares, triangles and circles.

Because karate, judo, kung fu, and tae kwon do have been more prominent than other forms in popular culture, from film to sporting events, many people mistakenly believe that all martial arts are Asian in origin. In fact, diverse cultures throughout history from Europe, Africa, the Americas, and the Middle East have also given birth to their own martial art forms.

Or a combination of triangles with small circles as can be seen in chinese trapping, wrist locks or Aikido entry and endings.

Despite the array of martial arts and styles, most of them share common techniques, and so they can be organized into broad categories that facilitate understanding. The primary way of classifying martial arts is by the basic physical technique they use: striking or grappling.

If youve never studied a martial art, your awareness of them most likely starts at Bruce Lee movies and ends with the stylized theatrics of The Matrix. If thats the case, you may not realize from what youve gleaned onscreen that there are an estimated 200 unique kinds of martial arts, and within these, thousands of different styles. Karate, judo, kung fu, and tae kwon do are among the most popular and well-known of the martial arts in the U.S., but there are numerous others.


Training is hard..really hard. The most hard is to get started and its down-hill easy from there. What you need is a martial arts machine – something new and exciting to get you off your fat ass.

Whats important now is to do something, start with brief excercise, get into stretching, shadow box, then step up and train hard.

GO to the local phone book and look up kung fu or karate. Then give them a call, go along or take your kid.

Everyone knows someone who knows how to fight – with fists, knives, weapons, guns, tactical, sensless, whatever but START!


Life is not scarey but maybe your lack of skill, self confidence and personal competance is making you scared.

Be pro-active and look, then choose and participate in action whether alone with a martial arts training machine or go to a dojo.

If you are not liking what you see in the mirror, afraid to go down a dark street, scared of a potential confrontation then train now.

Be pro-active and look, then choose and participate in action whether alone with a martial arts training machine or go to a dojo.

Life is not scarey but maybe your lack of skill, self confidence and personal competance is making you afraid.

We cant all be Bruce Lee but you also dont want to be an emotional and physical punching bag do you?

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Why Do I Look So Tired
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Kalaripayattu – The Secret Is In Their Massage Therapies

Out from an ancient Indian martial art called Kalari, there sprouted some other form of body massage called Kalaripayattu massage. It has begun in Southern India and was used by Indian fighters to attain flexibility and agility. This Kalaripayattu massage was the form of massage that had been used years ago by the Kalari fighters and was the key to getting them in great shape for an upcoming fight.

Kalaripayattu massage is an incredible and effective therapeutic body massage that has not yet gained that much of a popularity in this modern times. The fact is, many have not even tried this superb form of massage, but once the soothing and calming effect of Kalari massage will be uncovered, without any doubt whatsoever, this Kalaripayattu massage would gain rapid recognition to many. Kalaripayattu massage is a form of therapy that makes use of an assortment of herbs and various medicated oils that are heated to help penetrate the deep tissues of the body to be quickly absorbed by the body’s pores for the purpose of relieving body tension and for the healing of painful and injured muscles. The combination of different unprocessed oils used assists in the achievement of body rejuvenation and total relaxation. The different oils which are used in Kalari massage are used in each different part of the body parts and some are even taken internally to achieve the optimum desired effect. The expertly trained hands and feet are used by the masseurs as he massages the client that lies flat on the floor on his stomach. The masseur uses ropes that are hanged securely to the roof to stabilize his balance as he continues to perform the massage. Apart from these, Kalari massage also it integrates yoga therapy, proper breathing exercises and mediation to realize complete harmonization of the body, mind and spirit. It works on the basis that assisting in the proper channeling of positive energy to the body will complete the healing process.

There are three known types of Kalaripayattu massages available today and each of this massage has a different purpose. The so-called Sukha thurummu is a massage used to help relax and rejuvenate the body from the stressors of daily life. The Katcha thirummu on the other hand, is known to promote flexibility, while Rakshua thirummu is believed to help facilitate healing of the body. Upon the decision to have a Kalaripayattu massage experience, a range of food regimes and a more suitable and positive lifestyle will be encouraged. The therapy will last for seven, fourteen or twenty-one days depending on the person’s individual health condition.

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Ideas On How Martial Arts School Owners Can Attract New Adult Students Today

The health craze is back again. People are wanting to work on their physical appearance and improve their health. By targeting these individuals with advertising it can be how martial arts school owners can attract new adult students. Many school owners can focus on this fitness movement and improve their attendance numbers.

The health benefits of the martial arts is widely known. People are aware that it is not only a way to defend yourself but also a very healthy lifestyle. Some schools could focus on this type of class to bring those that are interested in developing muscle tone or losing weight into the dojo.

Focus on the family. People want to spend time with their families again. Marital arts is an excellent way to bond with family members. Consider offering discounts for families they join together. Even offering classes that are geared towards families can increase the numbers at your school. People are tired of sitting at home and watching the T. V. They want physical activity and the payoff for them joining would be family time and a personal home security force of trained kids.

There is a lot of frustrated people right now. Many are mad because of the economy. Some may be frustrated because they can’t get that promotion now and have been asked to be patient another year. By offering classes to reduce anger and frustration using discipline and activity people can release this frustration in a healthy manner. This is also a great service to the community because it lowers the chances for domestic violence occurring. If the advertising is done right, then it should bring in a lot of adults that are very willing to learn whatever they can to make their lives happier.

Traffic is also a key factor in anger and frustration. Road rage numbers are going off the chart. It is almost your civic duty to suggest that people get off of the highway and come learn a martial art. That way they can drive home after class and after the traffic is gone. This will be a big idea that will help a lot of people.

Self defense classes should be offered at local college campuses. Many students will appreciate this and may be able suggest it to other students as well. Giving a demonstration on campus can be very impressive and a great source of free advertising.

Other ways to bring in adults, especially single adults, is to have people consider moving away from online dating and making connections at classes. Having a singles night would improve attendance and bring in fresh faces every week. Many women will feel safer meeting potential dating partners in a public setting like a dojo.

There are a few ways on how martial arts school owners can attract new adult students. Focus the advertising on problems that martial arts can solve. This way, people will feel instantly connected and will remember your school in conversations with friends and family. By utilizing some of these community helping ideas, your school numbers should go up with loyal students.

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How To Accessorize A Classic Sheath Dress
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New York Early Childhood Education

Israeli Martial Arts- An Ancient Form of Fighting Techniques Adapted in a New Style

If you want to sit down and do a search online about Israeli martial arts you will probably get to know all about Krav Maga, a specialized form of fighting techniques which was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld a European martial artist. He was followed by many others who contributed a lot to the martial culture of Israel long back to the Biblical times when Moses and Joshua led the Jewish people against many enemies in the province. Even after thousand years have passed, Israel is still facing the threat, and because of this reason Israel created proven methods to combat them. Martial arts act as a powerful strategy when it works, and when you begin with it you will know the various techniques about self-defense.

Known for its striking, wrestling and counter-attack skills and techniques, this art form was derived from street-fighting dexterity. This form of martial art skill culminates fighting techniques from traditional Eastern European military combat, Muay Thai, Boxing, Western Wrestling, and Ju-Jitsu. These forms are included in the regular training regime of Israeli Forces units and are trained to Police, Intelligence team, and all Security Division members for self-defense. Not only to the personnel of special forces, this art has also become a part of training to civilians, military and security agencies around the world.

The martial art is taught using as grading system which is similar to the grading system of Judo. There is a specific course structure which involves grading like White belt, and then senior posts to Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue , Brown and Black belts for experts. Black belt holders can prefer to move up the ranks from 1st to 9th Dan depending on their performance and presentation of skill. Training in this form also involves grades that are divided into 3 specific categories- Practitioner, Graduate and Expert, with each particular category having 5 ranks.

The expert grades are the highest rank in the course and this is achieved by adept practitioners of this art only and by those who have attained mastery in military and police instruction as these grades covers military and other protection techniques as well as advanced fighting skills. In order to attain any expert grade, one must undergo all 5 ranks. And even beyond Expert 5 grade, there is the rank of Master and this rank is only acquired by a very few selective individuals who have contributed their entire lifetime to Krav Maga.

Krav Fit Now offering Houston Israeli Martial Arts Training, Houston Police Training, Israeli Martial Arts, Houston Army training, Krav Maga Houston and Houston Law enforcement training.

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Kung Fu Relations Dating Lessons From Bruce Lee

In the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee’s book on his philosophy of fighting arts, he talks about the six diseases that plague us and hold us back from success. I think they are frighteningly relevant to the dating game, and what men go through when trying to attract women.

DISEASE #1) “The desire for victory.”

When a martial artist is inflicted with this mentality, they end up acting like the proverbial loose cannon. They’ll pull out all the stops, but in the process become reckless and make many mistakes, allowing their opponents easy openings.

In dating, this can be summed up as the feeling of “desperation.” The man’s desire for a woman so bad, we begin to ignore everything else but our own overpowering emotions. The woman ceases to be seen as a human being, and becomes an object of desire.

When this happens, women can SENSE it. Their alarm bells will go off, because they can tell you’re not interested in who they really are – you’re just looking to use them, be it physically or emotionally.

This is not to say you shouldn’t WANT victory, but you must understand that achieving your goals is a process, and you must learn to be patient and give yourself the freedom to retreat if need be. Focus on the journey, not the end result.

DISEASE #2) “The desire to resort to technical cunning.”

In the martial arts, relying on technique forces you into a ridgid structure of fighting that becomes predictable to your opponant. Bruce Lee was a firm believer that you needed to customize your fight based on who you were fighting – in other words, you remained flexible, fluid, and able to adapt.

Too often, guys think that using a “pick up line” or doing what they see on TV or the movies will get them a result. They fall into patterns of doing the same things to attract women – ask for the number, dinner and a movie, etc.

What you need to realize is that every girl is different! And you need to customize your approach to the girl you want to be with. This is the only way to achieve success time and time again with women.

DISEASE #3) “The desire to display all that has been learned.”

In the martial arts, Bruce Lee believed that you should only do what is required of you to defeat your opponent. Giving yourself the opportunity to showboat gave the enemy openings he could use to harm you. Instead of giving into your ego, you must remained focused on achieving your desired outcome.

In the dating world, guys will try their best boast about how great they are in an effort to win the girl’s affections – so much so, that they’ll try and be something they’re not.

They’ll brag about their accomplishments, lie about what they do or what they’ve done, and act like they’re interested in the same things the girl is.

But eventually, this is revealed for what it is – a falsehood. Girl’s don’t want to hear you brag, and they don’t like it when you lie to them. It is better to engage in conversation, and ask about her, rather than dominate the conversation talking about yourself.

And it is much better to be truthful about your likes and dislikes, because that is the only way to guage whether or not you are truly compatible with the girl.

DISEASE #4) “The desire to awe the enemy.”

Bruce Lee understood his opponents on the basic level, as people to be defeated. He could did NOT want to impress them or try blustery shows of bravado to impress them. In fact, he much preferred that they underestimate him.

In dating, guys try and impress the women they’re with by spending lots of money on gifts and fancy meals. In effect, they’re trying to “buy her love.”

They’ll drive around in fancy cars, show off their big home or nice apartment, and talk about whisking her away on lavish vacations.

The danger here is that if you convince the girl you’re just a walking ATM machine, that’s how she’ll eventually end up treating you. What really impresses women are little things – being interested in their day, being confident and funny, inspiring them with hopes and dreams.

Relax and allow the girl you’re with to discover your natural charm. That will impress her more than anything.

DISEASE #5) “The desire to play the passive role.”

In the martial arts, to be passive to to simply react to your opponent. You’re always on defense, afraid to initiate an offense for fear of opening yourself up and being defeated.

Dating is much the same way. Guys will all too often sit around, hoping the girl will ask THEM out. They’ll talk to a girl, but not go for a phone number. They’ll meet for a date, but hardly talk at all.

In short – they are relying on the girl to do all the work! And unfortunately, that just isn’t going to happen.

You need to learn to take an active role with the women you desire. You must be the one to approach THEM, ask THEM out for coffee, choose the place to go, keep the conversation going, etc.

It is YOUR responsibility to get the woman to like you. Attraction doesn’t just “happen,” it must be created, and you cannot create attraction by being passive.

DISEASE #6) “The desire to get rid of whatever disease one is affected by.”

This one is the toughest to understand, in that Zen koan sort of way. I think what is meant by this is that to succeed, you can’t be constantly wrestling with your weaknesses. You can’t let go when you’re trying to get rid of them.

You must simply dilute them with the power of your strengths. I think that a big part of this thinking is that if I focus too much on overcoming my weaknesses, I succumb to them – or what you resist, will always persist.

Take that with a grain of common sense. Desire is a part of human nature. But in the end. you will only be as successful to the degree that you LET GO, not focus on the things that ail you.

It’s possible that you think you are too old, fat, ugly, bald, or broke to attract a woman. By focusing on these things, you CANNOT fix your dating issues. Instead, try to focus on why a woman WOULD find you attractive.

When you stop focusing on your insecurities and weaknesses, you allow yourself to focus on your strengths, and give into positivity. In the end, this will give you more success than anything else, in all areas of your life.

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Martial Arts worldwide Krav Maga

Krav Maga is as like as Many martial arts focus on one vary of fighting and a number of the extra various martial arts may incorporate ranges of fighting. The last word goal of any martial artwork is to instil each the abilities and the arrogance in its students in order for them to have the ability to defend themselves in a real life situation. No other martial art does this as successfully as the Israeli system of defensive techniques knows as Krav Maga. Krav Maga which is a martial artwork that comes with all ranges of combating was created in Israel within the yr 1948 by a person named Imi Lichtenfeld.

Through the time interval that Krav Maga was created, the Israelis were nonetheless under British rule and had to find a solution to defend themselves, without bearing arms. In its infancy this martial artwork was one of the brutal hand at hand fight techniques because it was created to train the army for World Conflict II in addition to coaching the Israeli civilians for anti-terrorism defense. In 1964 Imi Lichtenfeld retired as a soldier and started to adapt the martial art for regular day by day use for civilians. The association of Krav Maga was created in 1975 by Imi Lichtenfeld and his most completed students.ts.

The benefit Krav Maga has over different martial arts is that not solely is it extremely adaptable, it’s also continually evolving. No matter actual world scenarios that may occur, Krav Maga finds life like defenses for them. Most martial arts (especially traditional ones) tend to show inflexible curriculums that aren’t up for dialogue or change while Krav Maga encourages its students to search out artistic ways to make use of the methods and even incorporates new classes realized from actual life encounters. Krav Maga just isn’t a sport! It’s a complete fighting system that was created for road attacks. There aren’t any rules and college students are taught to make use of something in their arsenal to be able to defend themselves. This would come with strain factors and weak areas such because the eyes, temples, throat, again of the neck and groin. This martial artwork focuses on coaching its college students in a repetitious method as they hope to instil the instincts wanted to survive a road attack. Cardiovascular and callisthenic coaching is integrated into every training session, as being bodily fit is a necessity. The main focus of this art is to counter arduous and fast. The sooner you can attack your opponent the better your probabilities of shocking them. Most martial arts have each specialised weapons protection and training whereas Krav Maga teaches its college students to make use of on a regular basis unusual objects as weapons. The purpose is how typically does an individual get attacked within the streets and have a set of nun chucks or a workers to defend themselves with?

When a martial artwork teaches you to both throw and defend against punches and kicks, teaches you joint locks and floor protection, in addition to takedowns and weapons coaching, it’s arduous for anyone to make use of some other words then “complete system” to explain it. The world we’re living in is getting progressively more harmful and most of the conventional martial arts, while nice for train and pleasure, aren’t used to such excessive conditions. Krav Maga must be the martial artwork of alternative for anyone searching for a highly effective system to defend themselves.

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Best Hair Removal Methods Revealed
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Why You Ought To Think About Taking A Martial Arts Class In Las Vegas

Martial art encompasses a variety of different styles and techniques of self defense. Selecting the style you like the best and then becoming good with practice is entirely up to you. You may be curious as to what the benefits are when wanting to learn about martial arts and consider taking a class. You could experience the many benefits once you have enrolled in a martial art class and here are just a few of those benefits.

For many individuals, coordination may not be easy to learn. Usually, people feel awkward when they first enter a martial arts class and they might find it difficult to coordinate their body movements. Coordination can be improved over time as your body gets to be more in tune with itself. Soon you will be moving more rapidly than ever and you can notice certain movements are becoming natural. Having good coordination will benefit you in many facets of your life. As your body becomes more coordinated, you become more effective with home, work and school. Furthermore, you begin to learn how your body works, which can help you to understand how to act in response or behave in certain situations. Martial arts can be possibly a life saver when faced with a dangerous situation where being coordinated and relaxed can allow you to react appropriately.

It is always an advantage to make friends. When you join a martial arts class, you can become acquainted with people who share your interest for self-defense. As you’re learning more about yourself, you’re also understanding those around you. You might be surprised at how many kinds of people you will meet when you begin taking a class. While contributing your strengths to the training, you can learn from the experiences of other people. You might notice a team spirit beginning to form as your class progresses where you are all become more in tuned with each other, much like a family. You might end up finding lifelong friends when you choose to take a martial arts course.

Often, martial arts concentrate on the inner mind and a persons thought process. As a result, you could find that your perception of yourself and life is evolving. When you become more in tuned with yourself, you will probably find certain decision and thought processes are easier to make. Others find that they become more very humble and submissive. Being more calm and able to speak with others, as an alternative to reacting aggressively, you whole temperament could change for the better. Learning to tap into your mind and understand how your mind works may be an extremely effective tool in many facets of your life.

Martial arts will help you to learn discipline. Often, instructors encourage their students to arrive at class promptly and ready to learn. They demand perfection and focus during class. Learning this sort of discipline can help anyone to become more punctual, respectful, and efficient. In a classroom setting, as you become more disciplined, you might notice other parts of life are impacted positively. Maybe you have begun to arrive at school or work on time. Completing tasks more efficiently will also be attainable. Taking martial arts is certainly beneficial especially for the discipline alone.

Even though the advantages of taking martial arts in Las Vegas is obviously beneficial, other facets it can impact include gaining friendships, discovering how your mind operates, learn discipline and coordination. With each one of these advantages, you could discover that you are increasingly successful in other areas of your life.

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Mixed Martial Arts Training School In Orange County

If you live in Orange County and you have more or less recently started to develop a passion for mixed martial arts, you should go ahead and start to search for some Mixed Martial Arts Orange County in the area where you live. You should not have any serious trouble finding some great gums to cater to your needs, as there are plenty of MMA schools around.

First of all, mixed martial arts represent a type of special full combat sport that enables the use of advanced grappling and also striking techniques while on the ground and standing. The combat elements that are accepted during MMA trainings and tournaments are specific to all kinds of sports and this is what makes Mixed Martial Arts so special and exciting.

If you are interested to know a little bit about the origins of MMA, know that its roots are often times traced back to Ancient Olympics participants Pankration is one of the very first officially recognized sports that have documented codified full-range combat styles during which participants were not armed. The Pacific Rim, Japan and Europe are some of the places where several mixed style contests have been undergone over time, with special emphasis on the 1900s time frame. Another important element that needs to be mentioned here in relation to the development of the current Mixed Martial Arts is the fact that the Vale Tudo combat sport which was originally developed in Brazil (in the 1920s) was brought in the U.S. by the famous Gracie family back in 1993. Soon, the formation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship followed, and this competition is considered to be the largest MMA promotion company on the planet.

Now that you know more about the origins and history of MMA, it is time to learn which are the best MMA Orange County gyms you could consider opting for. Most of these gyms that are located in Orange County and near Lake Forest, CA are incapable of actually offering specialized MMA professionals who can train you properly. These so-called pro trainers have never actually been a part of any MMA fights on their own, nor have they ever trained world class MMA fighters. Sure you might be able to find a great deal of local school MMA events, but these are nothing more than amateur events. One fine example of a Mixed Martial Arts Orange County based is Orange County Jiu-Jitsu & MMA, which can offer you the genuine training services of the top 10 ranked MMA fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. These folks can provide you with the UFC Training that you might be looking for, especially given the fact that they have attended several world events. A 2008 Beijing Olympic Judo Gold Medalist, a Jiu-Jitsu World Champion or an ADCC Champion could be overlooking and guiding your next MMA Orange County moves inside this gym.

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Jujitsu History, Philosophy And Methods

Brief History:

Jujitsu is a 2500 year old unarmed combat discipline that has its roots in ancient Japan. The exact date on the creation of this martial art form is hard to trace but techniques resembling that of Jujitsu had already been incorporated into the training methods of the Samurai, from the 8th to the 6th centuries. Earliest Japanese historical records such as the Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters) and the Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan) also have passages related to unarmed combat systems.

Before this Japanese martial art developed into what we know as Jujitsu today, there were many other Japanese combat techniques such as Kogusoku, yawara, kumiuchi, and hakuda etc, also collectively known as Sengoku Jujutsu. Traditions finally gave rise to the modern Nihon Jujutsu we know today, which is classified under Edo Jujutsu the true unarmed Japanese combat system.

Jujitsu gained prominence during the reign of Tokugawa in the 1600s but was soon alienated when Emperor Melse regained power. However, towards the mid-20th century, the ban on Jujitsu in Japan was lifted, following the Meiji restoration, and the combat art form began to be widely practiced.

The Philosophy:

Jujitsu revolves around three basic states of mind Zanshin, Mushin and Fudoshin. The proper combination of these elements gave the power, preparation and potential to the practitioner to excel in the Jujitsu art.

1. Zanshin remaining spirit connotes the readiness for anything at any given time.

2. Mushin no mind Its spontaneity permits instantaneous action without conscious thought.

3. Fudoshin – “immovable mind” during times of confrontation.

Basic Methods:

Jujitsu is a circular, hard and soft, external combat style. The basic techniques of attacks includes throws, locks, hitting and striking, thrusting and punching, pinning and immobilizing, strangling and joint-locking, with strong emphasis on throws, locks, and defensive techniques. In-fighting and close work are also focused upon.

Even though Jujitsu is basically an unarmed fighting system, small weapons like the Jitte (truncheon), Tanto (knife), or Kakushi Buki (hidden weapons), which include the Ryofundo Kusari (weighted chain) or the Bankokuchoki (a type of knuckle-duster) may also be used in combat.

Competition Systems:

Conventional Jujitsu can be dangerous, or maybe even fatal if its fundamental techniques were to be applied. So, in order to make the art a safer sport for the competitive arena, systems and rules have to be introduced. That is why most of the competition methods have incorporated Half-contact, which prohibits serious attempts to knock out an opponent.

1. The Fighting System: This is the most popular method, divided into three phases. The first is for striking only, the second for striking, grappling and throwing, and the third includes ground-fighting such as chokeholds.

2. The Practical System: According to this rule, two defenders are surrounded by four attackers from four corners. Highest points go to the best defender judged upon effectiveness, oversight and control of the situation.

3. The Duo System: In this system, contestants are randomly chosen and awarded points for effective defences. The attacks are divided into four groups of five attacks each.

4. Combat Jujitsu: The most recent system developed in the United States. Victory in the competition is based on submission. The combat round between the two opponents lasts for not more than two minutes.

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